DTraceToolkit Style Guide

This is a guide for writing DTrace scripts in the style used by the DTraceToolkit - a collection of useful DTrace scripts for Solaris 10.
Note: This document is not written by Sun.
Brendan Gregg, 20-Apr-2006, version 0.20.


1. Intro

2. Generic coding

The following are the same as C programmang in the style enforced by cstyle.

2.1. Line width of 80 chars

2.2. Line continuation of 4 chars

2.3. Term seperator


2.5. cstyle

3. DTrace specific

The following are specific to the D programming language.

3.1. Fully qualified probe names

3.2. BEGIN with a printf

3.3. Sampling/Tracing...

3.4. Units

10. Links

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Created: 20-Apr-2006
Last updated: 20-Apr-2006
Copyright (c) 2006 Brendan Gregg