Solaris Performance Metrics

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The following papers explain performance monitoring metrics for the Solaris operating system by Sun Microsystems(tm). This has been created due to the need for better documentation on the available metrics, and to share suggestions for creating new metrics using DTrace.
Note: These documents are not written by Sun.

To do: CPU, network, file system, memory.

Note: This page was written in 2005 and is no longer maintained. It is now part of my Crypt.


This documentation effort was completed and incorporated in the Solaris Performance and Tools book (Prentice Hall, 2006), with help from Richard McDougall, Jim Mauro, and various engineers at Sun Microsystems who reviewed the text. This was a great privilege -- what started as a personal project to document Solaris metrics has now become the official documentation.

The table of contents from Solaris Performance and Tools is:

Six years on (2012), this is still a popular reference and still quite relevant for Solaris operating systems. Extra information to support this book has been online at

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