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26 May 2005

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Back in 1996 I created a personal website to host various stuff, including artwork I had created using Povray. It also contained a message board called "The Wall", inspired by message boards I had been using on BBSes. People thought it was a dumb idea, some even horrified with the audacity of a personal website. I deleted it. Times have changed - personal websites are now more acceptable, and message boards or "blogs" are commonplace. "The Wall" is back.

Recently I have been doing various tricks with code, especially DTrace and OpenSolaris, and a blog seems like a useful way to share them. You'll probably find postings on computer programming languages including C, Perl, shell scripting and DTrace, plus various other topics of interest - AI programming, photography, rocketry, engineering, particle physics, beer, gaming, etc.

I'll try to get to the point. I'll also try to spell correctly. :-)



[Sydney, Australia]