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28 Aug 2005

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Australian Personal Computer magazine is Australia's leading computer magazine, with the first issue printed in 1980. It's especially popular with PC or Windows enthusiasts, or those who work in that industry. People in the Unix, Linux or Solaris community don't seem to read it as much.

Recently I wrote a workshop for the September issue that gave a detailed summary of configuring networking in Solaris 10. Networking has changed in Solaris 10, and it was great to cover what's new and how to use it (including SMF, ipnodes and IP Filter). I've spoken to a number of Solaris people about the article and most of them are suprised - APC is running articles on Solaris?

Yes, APC is running articles on Solaris! And Linux, and Unix in general.

APC July 2005 included Solaris 10 on the cover DVD, and a workshop to cover installing Solaris 10 and Windows, duel boot.

APC August 2005 had an article on the future of chip technologies, covering Sun's Niagara CPU.

APC September 2005 included a workshop on configuring networking on Solaris 10.

If you aren't reading it and you live in Australia (or can arrange mail subscription?) it may well be worth a look.