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DTraceToolkit ver 0.96

25 Apr 2006

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I've just uploaded the latest build of the DTraceToolkit, which now contains 104 scripts!

12 scripts have been added and 46 scripts were updated. This is a BIG revision. Since there have been so many new changes that I'm holding the version number below 1.00 until the dust has settled (I was keeping version number equal to the script count, however, I'll hold back on that for a while).

This is the first rev to include a few scripts written by other people, Richard McDougall and Jonathan Adams, who can both write DTrace well. More importantly, they have an exceptional understanding of subtle kernel nuances, which are often necessary to write accurate scripts.

This rev has had another small style change, which is why so many scripts were updated. I've also began writing a document called the "DTraceToolkit Style Guide", which documents the style and programming best practices used by the scripts in the toolkit. I'll post more about that later.

Stefan Parvu helped out with platform testing, which is crucial. Some of the tcp scripts were not working on newer builds, since they are fbt based, and fbt is not a stable interface (and is not supposed to be). They have been fixed, for now!.

As usual, check locations such as Docs/Examples for examples of the newly added scripts in action. Enjoy!