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18 Jul 2006

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The slides I developed for my recent DTrace Workshop in London have been put online by Context-Switch. This DTrace presentation covers my own method of teaching DTrace, which begins with a summary of performance monitoring tools in Solaris 9 and their limitations.

The slides also document many of the strategies I use for DTrace analysis, and is the first time they have been listed together online. They are,

DTrace Strategies (Methodologies)

  1. Snoop or Summary
  2. Drill Down Analysis
  3. Frequency Count
  4. Known Count
  5. Aggregate Stacks
  6. Elapsed Time
  7. On-CPU Time
  8. Milestones

See chapters 5 and 10 from the slides for details.

The slides are used in conjunction with additional live demonstrations and student labs. They also assume that the almost released book, Solaris Performance and Tools can be used as a reference.