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28 Oct 2013

I originally posted this at

My new book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud is shipping now from your favorite online book supplier (informIT, amazon). Thanks to those who have ordered a copy! I've already received feedback from people finding it useful, which is really gratifying. For an intro to the book, see my previous blog post about it.

I've also been using the book to help people more directly: last week I delivered a beta version of a Cloud Performance class, using the book as courseware. This class has additional labs, where the students solve simulated performance issues. It worked well, and I hope to be teaching more of these; the first will be held Nov 18-22 at Joyent's San Francisco offices.

I taught similar performance classes during the book's development, for students from a variety of backgrounds, especially system administrators, devops, and developers. The questions students ask, and where they get stuck during lab work, have been critical feedback during this book's development, leading me to improve and develop new content. This has included documenting methodologies like the USE Method and the TSA Method, which are go-to methodologies for real world performance issues.

If you'd like to hear me talk about the book, join us this Thursday, October 31st, at:

Le Meridien San Francisco, 333 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA Thursday, Oct. 31 | 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

My earlier post about the book links to Chapter 6 CPU as a sample chapter (PDF), which I'll talk about during this event. See you there!

UPDATE 29-Oct-2013: This sold out immediately on amazon, who are waiting for another batch to be printed. informIT currently claims 24 hour shipping, so I assume they still have copies.