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13 Nov 2013

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Next week (Nov 18-22) I'm teaching a 5 day class on Cloud Performance, based on my book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud. I've taught this twice internally, and this will be the first class available publicly. I hope to teach it again, but one never knows, this may be the first and last chance to attend! Big thanks to Deirdré Straughan for making this all happen (including editing the book!).

As the website summarizes, the class is about:

This course is about cloud performance from a systems perspective, focusing on the systems that make up the environment. This covers both the challenges of traditional systems performance and also the performance of virtualization and multi-tenant environments. It is intended for system support staff, system administrators, developers, and anyone who would like to learn how systems work and perform, and the additional characteristics of the cloud. This is for both users and operators of the cloud.

A large part of Cloud Performance is understanding systems performance, which is common for all environments.

This class involves solving simulated issues, which my students have found is the best way to learn. This is where experience can be rapidly gained for putting methodologies and analysis tools into practice.