CacheKit is a collection of open source perl and shell programs to report on cache activity on a Solaris 8 sparc server. Tools for older Solaris and Solaris x86 are also included in the kit, as well as some SE Toolkit programs and extra Solaris 10 DTrace programs. The caches the kit reports on are: I$, D$, E$, DNLC, inode cache, ufs buffer cache, segmap cache and segvn cache. This kit assists performance tuning.

Note: This page was last updated in 2011 and is no longer maintained. It is now part of my Crypt.

UPDATE 03-Dec-2011: Unfortunately, this toolkit requires regular maintenance to match the performance instrumentation counters (PICs) available on new processors (and PAPI only helps so far), and changes to the Solaris caches. Since it's become out of date, I've moved it to the Crypt. One day I'd like bring this toolkit back up to date, but it will require a lot of work - and I suspect, kernel changes to make certain cache information available and accurate.


download version 0.96, 21-Aug-2005


Operating Systems

These programs have been written for a Solaris 8 (or newer) sparc server. Also included in the kit are programs for older Solaris, Solaris x86, and Solaris 10.


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Last updated: 03-Dec-2011