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14 Dec 2006

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Since I've been quiet for a while on this blog and on OpenSolaris mailing lists, here is a quick update about myself and my projects.

I got married, ditched my old car, left the instructing/consulting scene in Australia/APAC, and moved to California to work as a developer at Sun. I brought along whatever I could fit in airline luggage, which included a laptop, hard disks, some books, clothes, and my fencing gear. Since then, I've been busy getting up to speed with some interesting projects, some of which I've discussed on my Sun blog.

OpenSolaris projects such as the DTraceToolkit will remain OpenSolaris projects; and other open source projects such as Chaosreader will of course remain open source. I'll post updates about them to this blog and will continue working on them as I always have done - as a spare time hobby.

Progress on these other projects has been on hold since I left Australia and powered down my array of test and development servers (and sadly powered down "mars", my main server which had an uptime of over 400 days). I began rebuilding my development environment last night, when I powered on the disk containing the DTraceToolkit build files for the first time in three months. I'm looking forward to adding some more scripts, and more documentation to guide people through the toolkit.

And finally, living in the US has been great - however the following items were quite difficult to find:

  1. cricket coverage
  2. authentic ginger beer
I can now listen to Star 101.3 again, but I've lost access to both the ABC and BBC's online radio coverage of the Ashes Cricket series - which seems to be blocked from the US!